We love reading!

On many occasions, we’ve have also thought ‘ That was a good book’ and wondered what other people might think. So we started a book club! It started off as Iron Sharpens Iron Book club on the meetup platform. We meet every other month (most months) to discuss the selected book in a coffee shop in London.  The focus was reading books on personal development often with a faith point of view.  However this has broadened out to discussions about the other topics and other types of books. What has been consistent is that a book has been the basis of our discussions and how it connects to our lives and the world around us.

Hence a name change – yes we are here to talk about books but also more topics, things, issues and whatever else! So we are now Bookclub and More.

Books are a good way to learn and engage with topic. Sharing this with other people and hearing their viewpoints makes it fun, entertaining and interesting. We don’t always have to agree but we can hear another side and in the process lean from each other.

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