Merry Christmas!

Yes, it’s that time of year again – CHRISTMAS!!

Whether you love it, hate it or simply indifferent that it is here, Christmas is difficult to avoid with the constant reminders everywhere.  The shops are laden with items to spend whether it be presents, food, decorations or just stuff.  There is Christmas music and themed TV shows and films. And the events – loads of them!  The chatter about ‘What are you doing this Christmas’ is always current.  It is a time for giving, sharing and spending time with loved ones and for some people it is the only time they spend with a loved one.  Lots of people are arranging their travel plans and I’m sometimes amazed by the number of trips people take to be with different sections of the family within the holiday period. I guess it is because I have not really had to think about this with most of my immediate family living close by.

Celebrating Christmas 

For others this is also a time to remember who they have lost or no longer able to celebrate with.  This year, for a neighbour at our family home, it is their second Christmas without the mother and this lovely lady was well known and liked in the area.  When we were growing up we used to exchange Christmas card and presents with next door. Times like Christmas can remind us of what we have lost but it is also a good time to remember the laughter, love and life of those no longer around. Sometimes the loss can also be people who are very still very much alive but no longer in our lives. So Christmas should also serves as a reminder to value those people around us and be thankful for the bonds we have with people in our lives.

Off course the joy of Christmas is to be shared and for some people they no longer have other people to share this time with.  This makes this time of year a difficult time when it seems that everyone and his dog is celebrating with loved ones.  It is good to see that a number of churches in the city I live in open their doors and share a Christmas meal with people who are on their own. Another option is to volunteer at a homeless shelter and help out on the day. I realise this may not be an option everywhere, but it is good to see that are initiatives which try to address this.

There are off course, people who just prefer to on their own at this time of year and there is nothing wrong with that too.

No matter your circumstance, I hope that your Christmas is full of joy, peace and hope.  Even if you are not religious, people tend to be nicer around this time and are more relaxed.  There are office parties, get togethers with friends and family, and off course lots of shopping ideas and possible bargains.

I for one will be spending Christmas day with family and this year we will all be going to the same church service. For me, this is also a time to remember that Jesus was born on earth and reflect on the significance of this. To celebrate, I will be doing the usual things although thankfully, in my family we no longer exchange gits. I’ll be doing my usual Christmas baking which I always enjoy.

Nauralment I am looking forward to the time away from work J This year, I’ve been fortunate enough to have three weeks away from the office and so I’m looking forward to that!  Part of this will be spent in Barbados which is very exciting. I will be meeting up with someone who became a friend via the Whatsapp (long story) and she also happens to be a writer. I will be staying in the house owned by family member/friend of the family and will seeing a family member from this connection. (You may be thinking is it a family member or friend but it is basically a family member through a marriage connection and they are not so distant as part of the family also live in London). The trip has been planned last minute but I’ve had loads of tips from family, friends and colleagues so we will see!  Whatever you are doing this Christmas, hope it is a blessed time and here’s to 2018!

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