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‘Living the Life you Love’ by Joyce Meyer’ is the first book by the author we read at Bookclub and More. It is also the first time I have read a Joyce Meyer book from cover to cover. A few years ago, I purchased ‘Battlefiled of the mind’ for my mum and then “borrowed” a few years later to read and never got round to finishing the book!

Having read ‘Living the life you live’,  it was good and the Joyce is a prolific writer! Looking at her Amazon author account there are over 10 pages of books to look through.  She has written over a 100 books that have often featured in the New York Times Bestseller list. As well as writing books, Joyce Meyer is a speaker is well know speaker and runs a global ministry. I came across her on the ‘Enjoying Every Day life’ broadcast.


St Louis Sign where Joyce Meyer was born

Joyce Meyer is an American, born and raised in the South (St Louis) in 1943. Here well known name is actually her middle name. She named Pauline Joyce Hutchison! Her only sibling was David, who was 10 years her junior.

Her father served in the second World War and returned from the war bitter, angry and addicted to alcohol. From a young age, her father began to abuse her and Joyce has talked about the abuse she suffered at his hands.




Learning to Forgive

In a sermon in 2018, Joyce talked about how she dealt with the pain and came to forgive her father and her mother. Her mother knew what was going on but did nothing to prevent it because she was fearful of her husband. After Joyce had forgiven her parents, God put in her heart to care for them. She wrestled but eventually helped them to buy a better house, pay their medical bills and take them to the hospital and just took care of them until they died.

Joyce came the realisation  that “God wants us to be good to people who haven’t done anything for us, because that is the best way in the world that you can do spiritual warfare and keep the devil under your feet.”

The Apology 

It took three years of looking after her parents for both them to apologise about the abuse. One day, her mum called her and asked to come to the house as her dad had been crying. On arrival, he apologised and asked to know more about Christ.

Joyce says:

“When somebody has hurt us, one of the hardest things in the world is to wait and let God bring our vindication.”

Our Circumstances and Our Choices

Making choices Joyce Meyer Artcle Unfortunately, Joyce’s younger brother Dave died from a drugs overdose. By the time his was discovered (30 days after his death), his body had badly decomposed and had to be identified from dental records. Joyce talked about her brother’s tragic in a sermon.

Dave had the same start as Joyce but their life outcomes were very different. Her younger brother joined the Marines and started taking prescription drugs and prescription medication at an early age. He also married early in life and had a young child but left the family, refusing to pay child supported. Dave’s lifestyle revolved around drugs. Joyce tried to help him by employing him and paying for go on a drug rehabilitation program but Dave continued to abuse drugs.

Joyce notes that both her and her sibling came from the same family and had struggles but they way they dealt with their problems were different.  She took responsibility but Dave ran away from his problems. In the sermon, delivered at C3 Conference at Fellowship Church in Dallas in 2011, Joyce says a person’s faith and determination to follow God’s plan inspite of circumstances will reap God’s promises.

Happily Ever After Joyce Meyer Author article Marriage and Family

Following graduation, Joyce got married to a car salesman and they had a son (David) together. However the marriage only lasted 5 years and they divorced in 1966 . In 1967, she met David Meyer and the pair have now been married for over 50 years. They have four grown up children (2 boys and 2 girls) and still reside in the St Louis area.

Back in 2016, the Dave and Joyce took part in the ‘Love Your Spouse’ Facebook Challenge where each spouse shares something they love about the other. Joyce praised David for willingness to forgive, his emotional stability, and his loyalty and faithfulness as some of the qualities she loves most about him.



Joyce began her ministry in her local church and later became an associate Pastor at Life Christian Centre, a charismatic church in St Louis.  She led bible studies and her sessions soon became very popular.  This led to a daily 15-minute radio show at a local radio station. In 1985, Joyce resigned to began her own ministry called ‘Life in Word’ and in 1993, she began television ministry and that started as ‘Enjoying Everyday life’.

‘Enjoying Everyday life’ has grown to become global broadcast that is translated into and is broadcast in 40 languages and on 900 TV and radio station.  ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’ is estimated to have over 4.5 billion viewers. Joyce runs regular conferences around the same theme in the United States and abroad.

Joyce and Dave also run the Hand of Hope foundation which provides food, medical care and disaster relief supplies.

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